Event Planning

An event is a planned social occasion; it can be a small intimate family gathering or a huge gala. 

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Event Planning

The most important part of an event is its planning and organization. Successful event planning starts with possessing good communication skills, being highly organized, and having the ability to follow up with all the professionals involved until completion. Preparation before, during, and after is crucial in helping reach your desired objectives.With this course you will learn how to anticipate and solve common planning issues for any small event such as informal gatherings, up to complex meetings. Effectively troubleshooting will help insure a happy and enjoyable event!

This course touches on the types of events, the creative phase, the types of entertainment, support and technical staff, vendors, communication, administrative tasks, how to get organized and post event activities.


  • Understand the different types of events
  • Understand the planning process
  • Organize an event
  • Deal with staff
  • Delegate tasks effectively
  • Communicate on the event
  • Understand what to do after the event

Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Anyone who is likely to organize an event for an organization or a business
  • Anyone who has to organize a private event

Estimated Course Duration

5 hours

Course Specifications

This course comes with 12 modules consisting of videos, text, case studies and quizzes.It is a self-paced program available 24/7. Participants can learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Course Content

  • Lesson 1: Types of Events
  • Lesson 2: Brainstorming the Event
  • Lesson 3: Types of Entertainment
  • Lesson 4: Support Staff
  • Lesson 5: Technical Staff
  • Lesson 6: Vendors
  • Lesson 7: AdministrativeFinalizing the PlanTasks
  • Lesson 8: Getting Organized
  • Lesson 9: Posting Event Activities
  • Lesson 10: Download Course Curriculum


A participation certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

Event Planning
Language: English
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