Leadership in Organizations

Effective leadership skills have been significantly associated to organizational success.

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Leadership in Organizations

It is defined as the process of strategically leading people towards achieving organizational goals. The participant learns the importance of influencing employees’ behavior in order to set a clear organization vision while maintaining them motivated. The right leader builds morale while guiding employees through the business processes.

Through this course, the basic leadership skills are covered and leadership processes are reviewed so as to enhance the cruciality of leadership within organizations.

Course Content 

The course focuses on the concept of Global Leadership and the phases of the pathway to globalization. The characteristics of different types of organisations and the ways they can affect the relationship between leaders and followers are also examined.

The overall aim of the course is the teaching of leadership skills, through practical examples, which can be applied and practiced at the workplace.

Week 1: Organizational Leadership

This week covers the concept of leadership and focuses towards understanding the leadership process and the role played by leaders.

Week 2: Leadership Culture & Management

This week covers the differences between Leadership and Management.

Week 3: Global Leadership

This week covers the concept of the global leadership. 

Week 4: Teams and Leadership

This week covers the different types of organizations and focuses on how different group characteristics can affect the relationship with the leader and the followers.

Week 5: Leadership Development

This week covers the developing leadership skills which can be practiced and developed. 

Week 6: Final Quiz

The course consists of one multiple choice quiz carrying a weight of 100% towards the final course grade. In order to successfully complete the course and obtain your certificate you need to achieve an overall grade of 50% or above at the quiz.


A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. 

Leadership in Organizations
Language: English
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