Management Theories and Philosophies

Acquire knowledge on management theories and philosophies and earn a Certificate from the Professional Training Division Unicaf University.

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Unicaf University
Management Theories and Philosophies

The course gives the opportunity to the student to develop a better understanding of contemporary issues within management. Due to globalization, managers today face a variety of challenges that must effectively handle. They also face opportunities that must be prepared for in order to ensure survival and success of the business.

A major challenge that organizations face nowadays is the constant need to adapt to change smoothly. They must be flexible and ready to adapt, be proactive and innovative, and manage resources strategically. Managers deal with fierce competition, constant technological advances, demographic changes, and numerous legal and ethical issues. This course helps in developing a more thorough appreciation of modern management.

The student gets the opportunity to improve certain intellectual, practical and transferable skills and engage in critical, analytical and creative thinking to synthesize, analyze, interpret and evaluate information.

There are three multiple choice quizzes in this course each carrying an equal weight towards the final course grade. In order to successfully complete the course and obtain your certificate you need to achieve an overall grade of 50% or above at the quizzes.

Weekly Content:

WEEK 1: Management and Managers

Functions of management and the role of managers.

WEEK 2: Ethics, Diversity and the Global Environment

The concepts of Ethics and Diversity in the Workplace as well as the factors that affect Management in the Global Environment.

WEEK 3: Creativity, Competitive Advantage and IT Management

The concepts of Decision Making, Learning, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

WEEK 4: Organizing and Change

The concepts of Organizational Structure, Control, Change and Entrepreneurship.

WEEK 5: Motivation, Leadership and Teams

The concepts of Motivation, Leadership and Effective Team Management.

WEEK 6: Human Resources and Operations Management

The concepts of Human Resource Management as well as the factors that affect the management of vital operations and processes.

WEEK 7: Final Review 

This section is dedicated for your revision that will help you study and prepare for your last quiz of this course.

WEEK 8: Course Evaluation and Assessment

This section is dedicated to your Course Evaluation.

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