Marketing Management

Acquire knowledge on marketing management and earn a Certificate from the Professional Training Division of Unicaf University.

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Unicaf University
Marketing Management

The course emphasizes on the importance of properly structuring and implementing a marketing strategy that will help the organization in achieving goals and objectives in target markets. It helps students understand the benefits gained by creating and delivering value to customers and other stakeholders. In addition, students learn various marketing areas such as branding, segmentation, targeting, pricing and distribution amongst others. All marketing elements are vital for the organization to achieve its objectives and gain competitive advantage.

There are three multiple choice quizzes in this course each carrying an equal weight towards the final course grade. In order to successfully complete the course and obtain your certificate you need to achieve an overall grade of 50% or above at the quizzes.

What will I learn?

When you take this course, you will learn the importance of Marketing, in line with marketing activities including environmental analysis, market research, product development and pricing strategies. In addition to this you will learn how Marketing defines the process for creating and satisfying customer needs and wants in the marketplace.

Weekly Content:

WEEK 1: Defining marketing and the marketing process

Understand and define the basic marketing concepts and explain the importance of understanding customers and the market place in which you operate.

WEEK 2: Understanding the marketplace and consumers

Understand the marketing environment and the forces that act upon both companies and consumers and clients and determine how they perceive information and how they choose to act on it.

WEEK 3: Designing a customer-driven marketing strategy and marketing mix

How companies divide up markets into segments and position themselves to attract specific targeted groups.

WEEK 4: Designing a customer-driven marketing strategy and marketing mix (continued)

The marketing mix by looking at distribution, retail and wholesaling and the promotion mix including an in-depth look at advertising and communicating customer value.

WEEK 5: Extending Marketing

Understand the factors that give an organization a competitive advantage over its competitors in the continuously growing global marketplaces and how marketing ethics and social responsibility affect the aforementioned organizations.

WEEK 6: Final Review

This section is dedicated for your revision that will help you study and prepare for each of the quizzes of this course.

WEEK 7: Course Evaluation and Assessment

This section is dedicated to your Course Evaluation.

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