Conduct Accurate Internet Research

Find out how to conduct accurate research online through an effective surface and deep web search plan, avoiding plagiarism pitfalls. 

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Unicaf University
Conduct Accurate Internet Research

As the Internet grows, it becomes more challenging to find the correct information from a reliable source in a timely manner. As research expert Gary Price puts it, “The haystack is growing and finding the needles takes more time and requires greater skill.” Discover how to conduct accurate Internet research by creating a search plan, searching both the surface web and the deep web, and staying organized. Plus find out how to think critically and find the best sources for your Internet search.



  • Describe why Internet research skills are important
  • Create a search plan
  • Identify what resources are the most appropriate for your search
  • Search the surface web and the deep web using a variety of tools
  • Assess the credibility and validity of a website
  • Organize research notes
  • Cite sources and avoid plagiarism

Course Content

  • Session One: Course Overview
  • Session Two: Creating a Search Plan
  • Session Three: Searching the Surface Web
  • Session Four: Diving Into the Deep Web
  • Session Five: Searching for Multimedia
  • Session Six: Assessing Research Sites
  • Session Seven: Staying Organized with Research Tools
  • Session Eight: Citing Sources


A participation certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. 

Conduct Accurate Internet Research
Language: English
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