Building a Brand on Social Media

Identify social media platforms that fit your brand, craft strong messages that engage your audience, and evaluate and revise. 

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Unicaf University
Building a Brand on Social Media

Your brand speaks for your company and its products and/or services. In today’s online-focused world, it’s important that your brand has a definitive, reliable, consistent and responsive presence. Building a brand on social media has become a priority, for big as well as small businesses.

Social media is where you find your audience, communicate with them and receive their feedback and suggestions. Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch or strengthen an existing brand, this course will help you build a brand using social media.

This course touches on how to build a social media strategy, identify social media platforms that fit your brand, craft h5 messages that will engage your audience, and evaluate and revise your strategy.



  • Understand terms related to social media branding
  • Create a strategy for your social media brand
  • Become familiar with various social media platforms
  • Identify what platforms fit your brand
  • Communicate effectively over social media
  • Deal with negative feedback and criticism
  • Create a social media playbook to guide brand ambassadors
  • Evaluate your brand strength and revise your strategy

Course Content

  • Session One: Course Overview
  • Session Two: Defining the Terms
  • Session Three: Building Your Social Media Branding Strategy
  • Session Four: Identifying Your Social Media Audience
  • Session Five: The Key Social Media Platforms
  • Session Six: Creating Brand-Focused Messages
  • Session Seven: Building Customer Trust
  • Session Eight: Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Session Nine: Reviewing and Revising

Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Business owners
  • Mangers and supervisors

Estimated Course Duration

4 hours

Course Specifications

This course comes with 8 lessons consisting of text, interactive cards and quizzes.
It is a self-paced program available 24/7. Participants can learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere and on any device.


A participation certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

Building a Brand on Social Media
Language: English
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