Operations Management

Acquire knowledge on operations management and a Certificate from the Professional Training Division of Unicaf University. 

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Unicaf University
Operations Management

This course will provide the student with the importance of understanding the nature of operational management and how it relates to strategic planning and the attainment of an organization’s strategic goals. In addition to this, students will develop a critical understanding of how to organize a typical production process and an ability to apply relevant techniques to the production of an operational plan for a typical business. Students will be able to critically examine the importance of the external environment and its effect on the organization.

The course covers different methods of developing higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness including the role of process, layout, product and job design, and the use of specific quality improvement methods. Through that students will be able to conduct process planning and explain and evaluate supply chain management activities and the application of capacity management techniques. Understanding will finally be developed on how to measure and improve performance.

The course consists of one multiple choice quiz carrying a weight of 100% towards the final course grade. In order to successfully complete the course and obtain your certificate you need to achieve an overall grade of 50% or above at the quiz.

Weekly Content:

Week 1:

Introduction to Operations Management and Operations Strategy

Week 2:

Supply Chain and Quality Management

Week 3:

Inventory Management, JIT and Forecasting

Week 4:

Project Management Tools and Techniques, Resource Planning and Scheduling


Operations Management
Language: English
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