Psychology at the Workplace

Learn how to brighten the workplace and earn a Certificate from the Professional Training Division of Unicaf University.

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Psychology at the Workplace

Psychology at the workplace is a branch of applied Psychology concerned with human behavior in the workplace. It is the application and explorations of psychological and scientific principles within the workplace. Additionally, this field pursues to understand human behavior within the occupational settings. The course covers the main concepts of Workplace Psychology, focusing on the techniques of Job Analysis, (which provides information about recruitment, selection and performance appraisal, necessary tools to prepare a job description) and Job Design, (which aims to improve the level of employees’ job satisfaction, to improve quality and to reduce employee problems like grievances and absenteeism).

The course consists of one multiple choice quiz carrying a weight of 100% towards the final course grade. In order to successfully complete the course and obtain your certificate you need to achieve an overall grade of 50% or above at the quiz.

What will I learn?

Selection and recruitment methods used by organizational psychologists, and ways to enhance employee motivation and minimise job stressors through stress management are also taught on the course.

Weekly Content:

WEEK 1: Introduction

This week covers the elements of academic writing, the main concepts of Workplace Psychology, and the Job analysis and Job Design techniques.

WEEK 2: Personnel Selection and Recruitment

This week covers the information about selection and recruitment methods used by organizational psychologists.

WEEK 3: Motivation in the Workplace

This week covers the importance of employee motivation in the workplace.

WEEK 4: Occupational Health and Well Being

This week covers the role of stress on employee's well-being, the job stressors,  the job-related strain and methods of stress management.

WEEK 5: Final Quiz

This section is dedicated to your Course Evaluation. 


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