Kickstarting Your Business With Crowdsourcing

Find out how to leverage all types of crowdsourcing to kickstart growth, identifying tools and platforms to get you started.

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Unicaf University
Kickstarting Your Business With Crowdsourcing

Kickstarting Your Business with Crowdsourcing Today’s fast-paced marketplace demands that businesses think fast. Crowdsourcing can help all types of businesses keep on top of trends and stay competitive.




  • Define what crowdsourcing is and its value to businesses
  • Determine when crowdsourcing makes sense for a project
  • Describe the crowdsourcing process
  • Identify platforms and social media tools that can support your crowdsourcing campaigns
  • Describe the major types of crowdsourcing, including microwork, macrowork, crowdvoting, crowdcontests, crowdwisdom, and crowdfunding
  • Attract and engage your crowd

Estimated Course Duration

3 hours

Course Content

  • Session One: Course Overview
  • Session Two: What Is Crowdsourcing?
  • Session Three: The Crowdsourcing Process
  • Session Four: Choosing Your Crowdsourcing Platform
  • Session Five: Types of Crowdsourcing
  • Session Six: Social Media and Crowdsourcing
  • Session Seven: Engaging the Crowd
  • Session Eight: Test Driving


A participation certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. 

Kickstarting Your Business With Crowdsourcing
Language: English
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