Business Succession Planning

Learn how to create and maintain a succession plan in terms of roles and responsibilities. 

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Unicaf University
Business Succession Planning

Change is a hallmark of today’s business world. In particular, our workforce is constantly changing – people come and go, and move into new roles within the company. Business succession planning can help you make the most of that change by ensuring that when someone leaves, there is someone new to take their place. This course will help you teach the basics about creating and maintaining a succession plan. 



  • Demonstrate an understanding of the value of succession planning for successful businesses.
  • Demonstrate expertise with the key elements of a succession plan.
  • Create and discuss aspects of a succession plan.
  • Discuss the elements of a succession plan in terms of roles, responsibility, function, scope, and evaluation.

Course Content

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Succession Planning Vs. Replacement Planning
  • Module Three: Preparing for the Planning Process
  • Module Four: Initiating Process
  • Module Five: The SWOT Analysis
  • Module Six: Developing the Succession Plan
  • Module Seven: Executing the Plan
  • Module Eight: Gaining Support
  • Module Nine: Managing the Change
  • Module Ten: Overcoming Roadblocks
  • Module Eleven: Reaching the End
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up


A participation certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. 

Business Succession Planning
Language: English
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