Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Acquire knowledge on Microsoft Office Powerpoint and earn a Certificate from the Professional Training Division of Unicaf University.

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Unicaf University
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Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a powerful tool gives the ability to the user to prepare professional looking presentations, which keeps the interest of any audience stimulated. The program demonstrates the use of images, audio and video for greater impact, and encourages presenter-audience interaction. The significant combination of words and images in a presentation is not only what represents the presenter, but at the same time what makes it easy for the audience to comprehend the topic.

Throughout the course the student learns to avoid mistakes that the presenter usually makes, and produce polished presentations, apply some of PowerPoint’s best practices and create a strong and clear structure.

The course consists of one multiple choice quiz carrying a weight of 100% towards the final course grade. In order to successfully complete the course and obtain your certificate you need to achieve an overall grade of 50% or above at the quiz.

What will I learn?

When you take this course you will learn how to create, edit and save presentations, as well as how to create tables, charts and other graphics. In addition, you will get familiar with more advanced features like animations, and in general on how to use the benefits of PowerPoint not only in your career but also in your personal life.


WEEK 1: Create and operate a presentation

This week covers how to work with presentations, how to open, save and create a new presentation. 

WEEK 2: Content in slides

This week covers how to create slide content, how to copy and move text between presentations, how to format the content in a presentation, how to create a list, how to adjust a line spacing, the space between the paragraphs, and how to create tables in a presentation.

WEEK 3: Effects, Hyperlinks, Printing 

This week covers how to apply an animation effect, a transition effect, how to set up a presentation (size, orientation), how to print slides in various views and output formats and how to create hyperlinks and button links.

WEEK 4: Final Quiz

This section is dedicated to your Course Evaluation.


Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Language: English
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