Marketing Management

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Marketing Concept, Philosophy, Practice and Processes for creating and satisfying customer needs and wants in the marketplace.

Offered by:
University of California - Riverside Extension

This course teaches the importance of a properly-structured and efficiently- implemented marketing strategy that will help the organization achieve its goals and objectives in its target markets. It is intended to help students realize the benefits an organization can have by creating and delivering value to its customers as well as its stakeholders.

In addition to this, it highlights the importance and application of various tools such as branding, quantitative and qualitative market research, segmentation and targeting, and pricing and distribution inter alia that are vital to the organization to achieve growth and profitability.


Course Content

Week 1: Defining marketing and the marketing process

Week 2: Understanding the marketplace and consumers

Week 3: Designing a customer-driven marketing strategy and marketing mix

Week 4: Designing a customer-driven marketing strategy and marketing mix

Week 5: Extending Marketing

Week 6: Final Review and preapration for the final exam 

Week 7: Final Exam


A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. 

Language: English
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